Star Force 21 is the name of the helicopter transport in Operation: Harvest Red. When transport support is available Star Force 21 will give rides to Razor Team.

Star Force 21





Left Gunner


Right Gunner



UH-1Y "Super Huey" or "The Venom"


Star Force 21's role in ArmA 2 is transport. They are a helicopter crew that fly a UH-1Y helicopter. When ever transport support is available, Star Force 21 will be the players pick-up.


The helicopter used by Star Force 21 is the UH-1Y "Super Huey" (Known as "The Venom" in-game). The UH-1Y is capable of holding 10 soldiers and light ground support, though Star Force 21 is only for pick up.

Arma2 vehicles rotary UH1Y s

The UH-1Y "Super Huey" or "The Venom" looks in-game

Fun FactsEdit

  • When ever the players enters the helicopter, Maddox will make a joke/comment. Like "Today's Oscar Award winning in-flight movie is The Back of My Head Where to guys?"
  • Star Force 21's helicopter seems to never run out of fuel but it's health can run down when shot. Unless when the chopper returns to base it refuels.
  • All crew members (Except Maddox) can be killed and the chopper will still go on without them. When it returns to base and is called in again, they do not replace the dead crew members.
  • When calling in transport, try to find a flat field. AI soldiers take longer to get in the chopper at a slope and they chopper could crash if trees are close by.
  • Maddox is the instructor for Helicopter and VTOL training.
  • Sometimes, it will simply never show up.